More than 20 years of experience in the flat glass and window industry combined with the deep knowledge of the multifaceted problems with the variety of different interfaces in each field has driven us to implement a brand new concept for online ordering. The goal was to offer a solution for all participants which is fast, secure and simple.
The foundation of the solution we are offering today goes back to the year 2001. The software company Albat + Wirsam started the implementation of EDI-Server for online ordering.
glas online, founded in April 2003 as an independent company took over the development of EDI-Server and finished what became the standard solution for the glass and windows industry in the field of online ordering.
We are delighted that today we are not only the nationwide market-leader but also international recognized as the partner of choice.
glas online strives to master the balancing act of offering a standard solution without losing the sense for the individual problems that comes with each client-supplier relationship.
The philosophy of the company is to solve the individual needs of our partners in a reliable and timely fashion and we are always listening to new ideas.