glas online’s EDI-Server
serves as a platform for automated, lean, secure and cost effective business processes.

This innovative solution does not require any knowledge about the interface format on the client or supplier side. Only a few simple steps are needed to send or receive orders via the Internet.

glas online’s EDI-Server
engine converts order data when needed. Individual rules empower our system to attain a rate of over 99.5% automatically importable orders without manual post-processing. 



goTrack Office, our online information system can visualize all orders currently available on our server in real-time.

glas online offers a special account for clients and suppliers to access this information at any time. Customizable search and grouping criteria make it a breeze to locate order information.

Specialized views for clients and suppliers enables participants to analyze order data. goTrack Office is designed to help our partners to make business decisions  even before the orders have been imported into their own ERP-System.



goFX (glas online Feedback Exchange) our brand new interface for exchanging the actual order status provided by suppliers is the next step to achieve an even deeper integration into the EDI-Server.
A variety of data, like order status, packing lists, changes of delivery dates and delayed items can be sent to the EDI-Server through this interface. goTrack Office can visualize this information in real-time. EDI-Server in turn can export this supplier information and make it available for the ERP-System of the clients.

glas online’s
constant exchange of experience with our partners makes sure that we keep adding valuable and beneficial features for our partners to the system.


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