for the flat glass/insulated glass manufacturer:

for the software vendor of glass manufacturers:


for the client:

for the software vendor of the client:


The Software:

The concept of online ordering via the internet has been implemented with the different capabilities of software solutions for the window industry and the glass industry in mind.
To make the user experience as seamless as possible we are maintaining neutral EDI-Articles which will be mapped to client specific articles. Furthermore we implemented an algorithm to map the variety of geometrical formats used on the client side to the correct shape catalogue number the supplier needs. (e.g. A+W, HANIC, LISEC) This algorithm includes a consistency check which re-calculates the drilling position for the CAV if necessary.
In addition we implemented a general production feasibility check. This procedure also finds the correct coating side for insulated glass. As you can see, we did go the extra mile to compensate inconsistent input data and the result of all this effort is the extremely high rate of automatically importable orders without any post-processing on the supplier side.
Additional features for both clients and suppliers have been implemented to meet different needs. EDI-Server is capable of separating orders by respecting individual work step criteria. It is also possible to sort the order items based on criteria the client defines, to optimize the handling of delivered orders either at the shipping department or the incoming goods department.
As a special service glas online offers all participants with an existing import or export interface: Existing export interfaces in the software solution of clients will get implemented on the EDI-Server free of charge. In addition glas online generates the export interfaces of incoming orders for the supplier side free of charge.
glas online is your partner if you are looking for a cost and time efficient solution to benefit from sending or receiving orders via the internet