Target Group:

Glass-Suppliers and their customers are the target group of our EDI-Server to accelerate the order process over the internet in a secure and simplified way. Only the interface defined by the software vendor of the glass supplier is necessary to generate orders coming from different clients no matter what ERP-System a client may use and what interface a client can provide.
This concept enables clients to place orders at different suppliers independently from the software solution a certain supplier is using.
Order information send to our EDI-Server is processed and additional information will be added before we generate the interface for the supplier to whom the order is addressed to. This unique way of generating interfaces allows us to handle each client - supplier relationship in a fully customized manner. The additional information is based on the suppliers' needs for the manufacturing process and also reflects individual agreements between the client and the supplier.
Only by processing orders in this fashion, we are able to reach a rate of 99.5% of automatically imported orders without any manual post-processing on the supplier side.